SEO myths: What you need to know

SEO myths: What you need to know

by Aimee (SU)

What is it? SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Google is a search engine, arguably the preferred search engine of most internet users. Bing and Yahoo! follow behind but are also very credible search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, ensures a website can be found easily in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what a particular website is offering; these are called keywords. SEO experts use methodologies to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking in the search results page for relevant keywords. If you want to rank #1 on Google when a prospective patient searches for “allergist in Tampa,” good SEO can make that happen. 

Some common myths and facts about SEO you should know:

Myth: Google handles SEO, so I don’t have to worry about it. 

Fact: A site must be optimized well for Google to recognize it as relevant to searches. Google doesn’t do the SEO for you, Google relies on the site being well optimized in order to rank it; so you absolutely need to worry about it. 

Myth: I can hire an SEO firm, so I don’t have to worry about it. 

Fact: You should understand the basics of SEO in order to hire the right company. Don’t get duped. The most basic thing to understand is that the search engines are all about relevancy. This means your content, page titles, meta-data, everything about your site has to appear relevant to the search engine so that it responds with your site when a user searches using particular keywords. As an example, if you want to rank well for “Allergist in Tampa” your site should have specific code and keywords that use those key phrases and have relevant content surrounding those keywords.

Myth: If my site is designed and written by web professionals, it will automatically rank high on Google.

Fact: Design and content are critical elements of an SEO strategy, but nothing is automatic. To get higher rankings on Google than a competitor, for example, you need to promote your website with online marketing to attract visitors who want to explore your website and contact you. The more people visit your site and get engaged (not just click on, click off), the more Google will value your site, and the higher you will rank. 

Myth: Google changes their search algorithms all the time, so why try to keep up if they are going to just change it in a month? 

Fact: Google does change their algorithm, but only to improve their search engine for users. This is one way Google has become the most preferred search engine. People trust the results of a Google search more than other search engines. And there is some extraordinary detail that goes into making sure the first result for “allergist in Tampa” really is a allergist in Tampa. 

Myth: SEO is not necessary. 

Fact: Hopefully by now you would agree that this myth simply doesn’t hold water. SEO is absolutely necessary if you want Google to send web traffic your way. The amount of time and money required to invest in SEO varies depending on your market. If you want to rank for something very unique, like a brand name or specific product for which there is little competition, you would need less SEO help than a pediatrician who wants to rank highest among 100 other pediatricians in Tampa. At iHealthSpot, we have SEO specialists who use specific methods for ensuring your site will include all the criteria search engines look for when pulling results.

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