Why DIY or template websites are a bad idea

Why DIY or template websites are a bad idea

by Aimee (SU)

Many healthcare professionals find themselves wondering if they should pay for a professional web design service or do it themselves. After all, sites like Wix, 1&1, and several others have built an entire business model around selling DIY (do it yourself)-friendly websites to businesses. They sell you on the premise that you can create a custom, functional website on your own without knowing anything about web design. Well, it’s simply not that easy. Do you really want a homemade website for your business anyway?

You will end up with a cookie-cutter site that is as unique as a dollar bill.

In order to provide customers with a DIY web design option, sites like Wix offer a choice of templates for websites that are stripped of almost all customizable features. As such, there are hundreds of sites across the internet that look exactly the same because they were all built using the same template. What you get is a cookie-cutter website that is about as unique as a dollar bill.

You need to know how websites work (and medical websites are harder).

There are entire college degrees dedicated to web design. If it were as easy as those sites make it seem, why would a web designer need to have a degree? Why would companies be willing to pay top dollar to build the best web design team possible? It is misleading to think that you can design your own website without any prior knowledge or experience. If you don’t have some idea of how websites are developed, then you will quickly realize a DIY or template website is much harder than it looks, especially medical website design, which has to be totally secure, HIPAA compliant, and with easy-to-understand patient-friendly information.  

Website maintenance…what’s that? 

Websites require maintenance. There are updates to software and constant tasks that need to be done to reach the highest rankings in search engines. Only a professional should do these things, otherwise, you could end up crashing your own site or getting black-listed by Google.

If you want to pick up web design as a side job, this might be one way to see if you like it. 

Having trouble with your website or want to change or add something? Guess what. Troubleshooting is DIY, too. You’ll spend hours reading through information that might lead you to the right answer, and even then, the solution is usually trial and error because you don’t really understand what you’re reading. Do you really have time to create and maintain and fix your own website? Probably not.

DIY or template websites might work for some people, but not most.

We have several doctors who have tried doing a website themselves and eventually decide to seek professional help because the task becomes too difficult and they end up abandoning it half way into the process, meaning no website ever gets launched! Save yourself the time and trouble and skip the DIY option.

Medical professionals come to iHealthSpot because they want a site that is customized to fit the unique needs of their medical practice. They don’t want a cookie-cutter website. They want a site that will look great and function properly for years to come. They want to rely on a team of medical web design professionals for web maintenance, changes, and troubleshooting. 

If you are worried this will break the bank – don’t! A professionally developed website does not have to cost a fortune and with us, it doesn’t! If this sounds like what you’re looking for, give us a call – we can get started today. (877) 709-0999.