What is responsive web design anyway?

What is responsive web design anyway?

by Aimee (SU)

Have you ever tried to visit a website from a mobile device, only to leave because the site doesn’t display properly on your screen? You might spend a few seconds trying to zoom in and zoom out and find the information you need, but you end up leaving the site frustrated. 

Don’t frustrate your customers with a website that doesn’t adjust to their mobile device. You need a responsive web design with web pages that look great at any size.

As doctors and medical professionals, your job is to respond to your patient’s healthcare needs. As medical website designers, our job is to build a site that responds to your patient’s browsing needs while online. 

In 2015, our web designers are focusing fanatically on the user experience. We consider every detail from the way a visitor finds the site to how it looks on their iPhone, tablet, and laptop. A responsive web design will automatically adjust to fit any screen size. In other words, it responds to the device your patient is using. The result? A seamless transformation of your website that won’t leave your patients frustrated or disappointed. 

The latest statistics from Pew Research and InMobi tell us that 60%-75% of people access the web from a mobile device. That is huge, and it’s likely to increase this year. Do you know how many visitors are using a mobile device to view your website? 

And, search engines like Google LOVE responsive websites, which means your website will rank higher on Google just because it’s responsive. This is probably because website visitors spend more time on responsive websites, especially on mobile devices, which earns credibility in Google’s eyes. If people are spending more time on your website and not leaving within the first few seconds, Google will recognize that as a sign of a high quality website, which translates into higher rankings when someone searches for a doctor like you.

If that’s not enough, having a responsive website means that changes to the content or design are immediately reflected throughout the site. Typically, a mobile website is a separate site that requires you to manually update the information when you make a change. With a responsive design, everything is in one place. No more wondering if you remembered to update your office hours or on-call number on your mobile website. 

Wondering if your website is responsive or not? If the site doesn't fit nicely into your smartphone screen, then it is not responsive. A responsive site will look great on any screen size, no matter what.