4 Website features patients want from their doctor’s office

4 Website features patients want from their doctor’s office

by Valerie (SU)

You’ve worked hard to provide your patients with the most advanced treatment options available under one roof and you pride yourself on providing the latest in technology.  Your practice is modern, state-of-the-art and on the leading edge. Shouldn’t your website also have all the bells and whistles to reflect the forward thinking nature of your practice? Why, yes it should. But do you know what your patients expect from your website? Here’s a little insight into what people not only want, but expect from your medical website.

Mobile Website

People these days are constantly tied to a mobile device, so priority number one is a mobile-friendly website.  If a prospective patient can’t view your online information using their phone, they will move on in seconds.  Having a mobile site is also good for SEO. Check out these blog posts for more details. But first, keep reading. There are a few more features that are in high demand: online bill pay, a patient portal and reliable patient education.

Online Bill Pay

According to current statistics, a whopping 69 million Americans do their banking online, and 56% of consumers pay bills online.  Why not give your patients an option to pay their medical bill online?  It is great for the patient because they can make a payment anytime, day or night.  It is great for you because statistics tells us that offering a convenient, online way to pay a bill results in much higher collections! See more online mobile banking statistics or learn more about how to set up online billpay with iHealthSpot.

Patient Portal

Patients want easier ways to communicate with their doctors offices.  Specifically, they want a way to interact with the practice online. Requesting appointments, automated reminders, sending secure messages and seeing test results online are just some of the ways you can make life easier for the patient, and improve patient satisfaction. Patients want to feel empowered and involved in their own care and a secure patient portal allows them to do this, while still leaving you in control of their healthcare.  A patient portal will also streamline your own office functions and save you money in the long-run. The iHealthSpot ezpatient portal features HIPAA-compliant electronic messaging technology, appointment requests, electronic patient forms, and more. Learn more about setting up a patient portal.

Patient Education

Patients are looking for health information online in record numbers. In fact, according to the latest polls, an incredible 150 million Americans search for health information online. Much of what they find is either inaccurate, difficult to understand, or is linked to advertising.  It is imperative that your website include reliable, lay-friendly patient education information so that you can be sure your patients get their health information from a trusted and reliable source – you! Absent this, you’ll be sure to waste time dispelling incorrect self-diagnosis or convincing your patients that an unproven remedy will not cure what ails them. iHealthSpot includes award winning, peer-reviewed patient education for every medical specialty in its website hosting packages. 

Let your patients pay their bill and communicate with your practice online and control what they learn about their illnesses.  Your patients will thank you for it! Call (877) 709-0999 for free information about any of these services – mobile and responsive websites, online bill pay, patient portal, and patient education.