New Report: Digital Marketing Trends of Highly Successful Businesses

New Report: Digital Marketing Trends of Highly Successful Businesses

by Valerie (SU)

Adobe released their 2015 digital marketing report last month highlighting the latest trends marketers are using to reach customers online.  As a leading online marketing firm for physicians and the healthcare industry, iHealthSpot is in the “elite 19%” of companies that are described in the report. 

The elite 19 are companies who decidedly invest in a marketing plan that includes online marketing, responsive websites, and mobile-friendly websites. The success of the plan is measured with analytical tools that can provide the type of insights necessary to evolve in a digital world. 

At iHealthSpot, having a plan for digital marketing that incorporates web analytics allows us to know what works and doesn’t work. This applies to our own marketing strategy as well as our clients’. Our success depends on having talented people, well-defined processes, and the right tools – another key trait of the elite 19.

An iHealthSpot website is much more than just a url.  We address all aspects of being online, including search engine optimization and marketing. For example, an iHealthSpot website can attract new patients and offer them ways to interact with your practice online.  An iHealthSpot website can also increase awareness and engagement with the community you serve. We work with individual physicians and groups as well as clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions.

In reality, the majority of businesses (45%) told Adobe they do not have a digital marketing strategy in place.  Another 36% of businesses said their plan for digital marketing was not intentionally designed to achieve greater “digital maturity.” 

Digital maturity is the grown-up version of online marketing.  Companies who are digitally mature, or are aiming for maturity, have an open mind. They are willing to establish new processes and new roles to achieve their goals.  When is the last time you tried something new? 

All marketing organizations evolve over time. Whether that change is successful in the long run depends on whether it’s planned or reactionary.”

What else makes the 19% different from the rest?  Their approach to mobile. 

In April 2015, Google awarded higher search engine rankings to websites that are mobile-friendly.  The elite 19 also regard mobile as a must-have component of a digital marketing strategy, with 34% of survey respondents saying they market to customers who use a mobile device.  Some of the most digitally mature companies are customizing the mobile experience for individual users. 

mobile website

Responsive website design (websites that automatically scale to your screen size) is another must-have for the digitally mature.  This is a no-brainer.  If patient satisfaction is a top priority, then you want them to have a positive experience with your practice in the office and online.  Without a responsive website, you may be sending patients a bad impression. 

If your marketing strategy for the next 12 months doesn’t include a hefty dose of digital marketing, it’s time to rethink it.  Would an upgraded website better serve your customers?  Do you offer patients the flexibility to pay bills online or request appointments?  Perhaps it’s time to try social media marketing; after all, there are nearly 1.5 billion people on Facebook. 

More than 40% of businesses are increasing their advertising budget for mobile, social media, and content management in 2015.

“In the midst of adapting to a new world of digital marketing, the companies with the planned approach remember to keep the customer first—not only responding to customer wants and needs, but trying to keep ahead of what the customer is likely to want and need tomorrow.”

marketing budget

If you still need a mobile website, or if you haven’t upgraded yet to a responsive design, contact a sales rep at iHealthSpot for a free quote.  With our help, we can take your digital marketing plan to the next level.  Call today.


Source: All quotes and images are taken from the Adobe Digital Marketing Report, 2015.