The 8 Reasons Why You Need SEO

The 8 Reasons Why You Need SEO

by Shearly (SU)

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it shows up on the first page of Google for the keywords specific to your specialty and business. When it comes to Google, if you are on the second page, you don’t exist; and if you don’t exist, your patients can’t find you. But they will find your competition. SEO is complex and involves hundreds of different strategies. But why should you go through all that trouble?

8. SEO is the Back-Bone of Your Website

Many people do not know this, but in order to be successful, Search Engine Optimization must be implemented into every part of a website, from pictures to page titles to link structure. If your website isn’t optimized correctly when it is built, the search engines aren’t able to find it easily. Additionally, just having a website for a long time does not mean you automatically get to page one. The search engines have to be told you are there and your website has to be set up to attract the complicated algorithms Google uses to rank sites. At iHealthSpot, our web design team and copywriters work hand in hand with our SEO specialists to ensure that your website is properly optimized during the build process, so that you rank well in the major search engines such as Google.

7. SEO IS A Form of Advertising

Some people don’t realize what an important element to their advertising good SEO is. Proper SEO will lead to high visibility. Imagine if every time someone typed in your competitor’s name, you too showed up! Or whenever someone asked a question that was relevant to your specialty, your site came up. The number of people seeing your website, and thus your brand would be exponentially increased.

6. Good SEO Drives New Business

Statistics tell us in no uncertain terms that sites appearing at the top of a user’s search query overwhelmingly generate the most traffic to their sites. Users are automatically inclined to click on the sites toward the top of the page, and sites appearing at the top of search are also perceived as the most credible, so It is important when they search, you are there. The second part of this equation is to have a great website so that once they click and land on it, they are compelled to take the next step – requesting that appointment. 

5. SEO Builds Brand Recognition

The more people see your website, and your company name, the more they’ll recognize your brand. By implementing proper SEO strategies, you are ensuring that patients see your company name every time they search for a relevant keyword. This is one of the best ways to get people to go from “who are they?” to “Oh! I’ve heard of them” and hopefully on to “Yes, I go there!”

4. SEO Beats Paid Traffic

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertisement is a great way to get guaranteed traffic to your website and convert visitors to patients. The best part about PPC is that you only pay for results. PPC ensures that your website shows up on the top of the very first page whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword. The drawback to PPC is that most Clients have smaller budgets that limit how often the ads appear. Also, with PPC, you are paying per click, so you also run the risk of paying for a non-qualified user clicking on your ad. With organic SEO, you are ensuring that your website will always show up on the first page of Google for a specific set of keywords, and the traffic will continue long-term.

3. Your Competition is Doing it

Chances are that your competitors are taking the necessary steps to remain on the first page when it comes to search results. The problem is that the longer they do, and the more aggressive their strategy is, the more your website will drop in rankings. This is simple math, there simply cannot be two #1’s or even two #38’s. The longer you are out of the SEO game, the more advantage every other website will have.

2. SEO Will Be Around for a Long Time and Requires a Long Term Commitment

Search engines are not going away any time soon, so putting off SEO will just hurt you in the long run. Google is ever growing and ever changing. Updates come around once every six months and with every update, the possibility for your website to lose ranking will be heightened. This is why it is imperative to continue the work of optimizing your site. This is done by adding new content regularly through blogging. By constantly adding topics related to your specialty and keywords, you are building authority and relevancy in Google’s eyes. This work must continue once you get to the top, so that you are sure to stay there.

1. Everyone Is Looking for Your Practice Online

The first thing most people do when they need a new doctor is pull out their cell phones or go to their computer and “Google” it. According to Pew Research, 77% of online health seekers start at search engines. Even if someone is referred to a doctor or practice by a friend or another doctor, they will still “Google” the provider to check out their website. This compelling evidence just reinforces how imperative good SEO is for your website. If not done, you simply won’t be found and will be missing a huge opportunity to grow your practice. Gone are the days of Yellow Page advertising. Simply put, your yearly marketing budget must include a portion for ongoing SEO of your website.

SEO is absolutely necessary to properly advertise your practice, and putting it off will only hurt you. At iHealthSpot, we specialize in SEO for medical practices. Our goal is to ensure long term success for our Clients using SEO as the backbone of their marketing. To learn more about our Enhanced SEO packages, call us today at (877)709-0999 or email us at