Key Content for Your Orthopaedic Website

Key Content for Your Orthopaedic Website

by Shearly (SU)
In today’s digital world, a professional, customized website is the foundation for a thriving orthopaedic practice. 

Patients, as well as referring physicians, come to your site looking for answers to specific problems. From simple questions like the location of your office, to more complicated requests such as post-operative steps to take for recovery, your website needs to provide the answers, both easily and efficiently. 

When building your website, the most important thing to keep in mind is that “Content is King.” What are you saying about your specialties? Will patients understand what you do and how you do it? How do you stand out from other surgeons? Good content on an orthopaedic website will answer these questions.

Specialties: You want your content to make it easy for patients to understand exactly what you do, so they don’t waste their time trying to figure out if you’ll be able to help them – and they don’t waste your office staff’s time by having to ask additional questions to better understand your areas of practice. 

Your website should also have as much original content about your specialties as possible, as it will improve your search ranking – which means more people will see your website first. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important key to the success of any website.

Patient Education

This content will help new patients understand the pathologies you treat as well as the more in-depth aspects of the complicated procedures you use. Incorporating a Patient Education Library on your website helps reinforce what patients have heard from their doctor, which helps reassure them that you understand and are the best fit for their healthcare needs. 

About You

This is your opportunity to connect with new patients, reassuring them that choosing you as their orthopaedic surgeon is the right thing to do. In addition to providing general information about your qualifications, why not give them the opportunity to get to know you better - for example, tell them why you chose orthopaedics, why you chose their community, etc.

Contact Information

Don’t make it difficult for patients to locate this information on your website. You want them to be able to find your office address, phone number and email address as easily as possible. In addition to having a “Contact Us” section on your site, we suggest adding it to the header and/or footer on every page.

Appointment Booking: While the traditional method of booking an appointment has been to ask patients to call for an appointment, a growing number of healthcare providers are also offering secure, online appointment booking systems. In addition to helping reduce the strain on your office staff, studies have shown that many people – especially younger patients – prefer the convenience of an online system. If you go this route, don’t forget to provide answers to common questions about your appointment process, e.g., insurance questions and parking considerations.

Do you need to refresh the content on your orthopaedic website, or would you like to design a new orthopaedic website?

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