Are Medical Websites Becoming More than “Just” Websites?

Are Medical Websites Becoming More than “Just” Websites?

by Shearly (SU)

If you’re a regular visitor to the iHealthSpot blog, you’ll notice we publish a lot of posts about patient engagement. This is because two-way patient communication is essential to the success of any medical practice, as it enables you to encourage your patients to participate in their own care, resulting in more patients meeting their health goals and improved treatment outcomes.

Thanks to technology, healthcare practices can now turn their websites into online patient engagement platforms that help in the management of their patients’ healthcare experiences. With the right online approach, you can easily provide a full range of online healthcare support, from managing records and test results to enabling appointment requests, to offering secure bill pay options.

Here are three ways you can turn your website into a patient engagement platform:

Patient Portal:

Patients want easier ways to communicate with their healthcare providers. Specifically, they want a way to interact with your practice online. Requesting appointments, automated reminders, sending secure messages and seeing test results online are just some of the ways you can make life easier for your patients – and improve their satisfaction at the same time. Patients want to feel empowered and involved in their own care and a secure patient portal allows them to do this, while still leaving you in control of their healthcare. Plus, a patient portal will streamline your own office functions which makes it a win-win for everyone.

Patient Education:

Patients are looking for health information online in record numbers. The latest studies show that more than 80% of internet users have searched for a health-related issue online. Your website should provide your patients with a trusted and reliable resource, where they can find accurate, easy-to-understand educational information. Without this, you’ll find yourself spending unnecessary time dispelling incorrect self-diagnosis or convincing your patients than an unproven remedy won’t help them. 

Online Bill Pay:

The ability to pay bills online is a major convenience as well as a faster way to get payments. More than 60% of all Americans are using digital banking to pay their bills, and studies have shown that more than half of adults would consider switching doctors if they had the opportunity to pay their healthcare bills online. Why not give your patients an option to pay their medical bill online? It’s great for them from a convenience perspective. Plus statistics show that offering an easy online way to pay a bill results in higher collections. 

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