5 Healthcare Marketing Solutions for Your Practice that Drive Results!

5 Healthcare Marketing Solutions for Your Practice that Drive Results!

by Alex Hirsch (SU)

It doesn’t much matter what medical field you’re in, chances are that if you’re getting new patients, it’s because they’re able to find you online.

But merely having a website isn’t enough — you need to promote your medical practice precisely where many people spend their time these days: the internet.

The best digital marketing strategy for healthcare providers involves getting you and your business name to show up for potential patients online. This requires a multitargeted healthcare marketing approach that includes:

  • Ensuring your website pops up higher in search results
  • An active social media presence where prospective clients can interact with you
  • Dealing with what people say about you online — the good, bad, and ugly — in a timely manner 

At iHealthSpot Interactive, our online medical marketing professionals are experts at doing just this for physicians of all stripes. Below are five of the most important healthcare marketing strategies to grow your practice.

1. Search Engine Optimization for Medical Practices / Organic Search

To reap the desired return, doctors’ websites must serve multiple purposes. Clearly, your medical website must accurately represent you and provide value to your patients. But it first must be easily found online.

This is done primarily via search engine optimization — commonly referred to as SEO. Healthcare SEO services include optimizing the pages of your website so that they are more likely to show up in internet search results, which are called organic (unpaid) searches. 

A common digital marketing strategy for healthcare providers includes ongoing white-hat backlinking, blogging, and article submission to ensure the Google ranking of your website improves every month. Utilizing these strategies on an ongoing basis will ensure you stay current and relevant in the eyes of the search engines, which is an important factor in determining your rankings. 

If SEO is important to you — and it should be — choose the online medical marketing team at iHealthSpot Interactive who utilize all the best practices for optimizing doctors’ websites for the web. 

2. Social Media 

Not only is it important for your practice to have a presence on the social media channels, but you must be active and regularly posting if you really want to promote your medical practice. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are all popular channels in which physicians stay connected to existing and potential patients. We can do that for you so you can focus on your patients. 

You might be surprised at how much brand recognition you get with regular social media posts. Engaging posts that are unique to your business, along with strategic “like” campaigns and responding to all interactions with potential patients, is key to making this lead channel successful.

At iHealthSpot Interactive, we go beyond the basics. In addition to creating posts and campaigns, we provide detailed medical website metrics that can help target your ideal patient on social media, and we handle all interactions with potential patients as you prefer. 

3. Paid Advertising on Google and Facebook

Purchasing the right ads at the right time and targeting the right population is another tried-and-true way to get your name and website in front of potential patients. Google and Facebook are popular venues with people of all ages throughout the country; you can get a lot of bang for your buck with Google and Facebook ads, which let you target your ideal patient using many demographic and behavioral attributes.

An added benefit is that you only pay for the results you get, and there are advertising plans to fit every budget. Even if you’re a little leery of paid advertisements, talk to our healthcare marketing pros who can guide you through what approach might best work for you.

4. Reputation Management

At the same time a prospective patient may be checking out doctors’ websites, he or she is very often also looking for online reviews of those doctors. Because of the reputation-damaging power of negative reviews, every doctor we speak to is concerned with the rise in online reviews and wants to know how to deal with them. 

It is paramount to monitor popular review sites to ensure that as soon as a review of your practice is online, you know about it. An important component to any digital marketing strategy for healthcare providers is then responding to those reviews. Even if you receive negative reviews, how you respond and try to remedy the issue can say a lot about the quality of your practice.

At iHealthSpot Interactive, we can monitor reviews for your practice online, and help rectify bad reviews and thank those who leave a good review on your behalf. It’s this type of timely responsiveness that is needed to winningly promote your medical practice today.

5. Directory Listings Management

As you already know, there are a multitude of online directories offering healthcare marketing for physicians. These directory businesses take publicly available information about you and your practice and display it on their website; they then usually solicit physicians to claim their profiles and update the information.

But who has the time to claim and optimize those profiles to best promote your medical practice? That’s right — we do! iHealthSpot Interactive’s directory listing management service can help you do well on sites like HealthGrades, Vitals, Yelp!, and the 70+ other directories out there. All requiring zero time or effort from you.

Many of our physician clients do not have the time or marketing expertise to dedicate to their online medical marketing strategy. But we do. When you enlist the experienced medical website pros at iHealthSpot Interactive to handle your digital marketing, we take care of all of the above so you can get back to what you do best: caring for your patients.

Call iHealthSpot Interactive today at (877) 709-0999 and find out how easy it can be to promote your medical practice online. Your new patients will be glad to find you!