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Our SEO Services

Website Creation Phase – We create each and every website with great attention to detail.

Keyword Map and Selection – When a website goes into development, keywords relevant to the site and practice are carefully researched, and a detailed keyword map is created. This keyword map targets all relevant keyword combinations and markets – including specialty, treatments, procedures, and areas of interest – all specific to the the client, city, surrounding cities and county.

Copywriting and Site Optimization – The keyword map is used to guide the writing of all website content (unlike other search engine optimization agencies that only focus on portions of the content.) All pages are optimized to achieve proper keyword density so search engines link the site to searches for those keywords and phrases.

Page Title Optimization and Meta Data – Titles are written on every page of the website to match the keyword map and reinforce the various keywords being targeted. Additionally, every page receives customized “description” and “keywords” tags. These tags are invisible to the website visitor, but they define the website for the search engines.

HTML Optimization – Recognized best practices are used in the HTML coding of the website: search engine-friendly code and URLs (page names), ALT tags on images, and H1 tags to denote “topics”. Even graphics are named with keyword phrases.

Internal Links and Site Map – To better indicate to search engine spiders what the website is all about, we create internal links and footer links with the most important keywords. A site map is included to reinforce the links and keywords.

Extensive Library of Patient Education – For clients that choose this level of service, we also include hundreds of articles, illustrations, and even video content. This content contains tens of thousands of keywords and hundreds of pages. And of course, the search engine spiders include all of it as part of your rankings.

Search Engine Submission and Inclusion Phase – After a website is created, we go through a “launch” phase to make sure we get your content out to your target audiences.

Every page of the website is submitted, where possible, to over 1,000 smaller directories and search engines. While these do not yield large traffic, they provide links to the website and help with overall visibility and link weight.

Every page of the website is hand submitted to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN/Live using Express Submit so they appear faster.

Every website is submitted to Google Local and Yahoo! local directories so that your practice appears in the map applications of both websites (for example,

Depending on your level of service, the inclusion process is repeated monthly, quarterly, or yearly for maximum benefit and continuous ranking.

Performance Measurement and Adjustment Phase – Websites are reviewed continuously to ensure they maintain or improve their ranking.

Traffic reports can tell you how many people visited your site and which keywords led them to you. Every website is configured with Google Analytics to provide state-of-the-art measurements of your website’s performance. Each client receives a login to Google Analytics where he or she can retrieve reports whenever desired. Automatic monthly reports can be set up so you can easily see which keywords have yielded the most traffic. We work with every client to configure this system to meet specific needs and goals.

Keyword ranking reports tell you which keywords rank best on your website and which keywords are not ranking so well. Because the search engines change their ranking methods routinely (and because more competing websites are created every day), it is important to review the success of your website from time to time. This is why every website gets a thorough review of its rankings. Based on the results, content changes are made to improve or regain ranking.

New content and new pages to the website are optimized and submitted when necessary.

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“It was a dream working with the professional team at iHealthSpot. Procedurally they have everything down to a science. We were able to launch my client’s website ahead of schedule to rave reviews and site traffic results!“ -- Grace Carlson, APR Carlson Studio Marketing
“iHealthSpot was extremely creative and forward thinking when redesigning our website.... We receive great compliments from our patients and have increased traffic and use of our site due to the excellent visibility we have in search and how easy it is for patients to navigate our website.” -- Chris Bolduc, Bolduc Physical / Aquatic Therapy & Sports Medicine
“iHealthSpot has proven to be an excellent choice.... They listened to our needs and wants and worked closely with us to create a website that is engaging and user friendly. Their Responsive Design enables our patients to access the site, no matter where they are.... Patient traffic on our site has improved exponentially and continues to grow every day! “ -- Lani Clemens Family Practice Center P.C.
"Do you LOVE the web site? Because I do. I think it is awesome and I can't thank you enough for working so closely with me and being so patient. Fine job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Janet Bivens, MD, Kendrick Family Practice
“We have lots of compliments on the new website. Thanks for being a delight to work with." -- Leisle Chung, Vanguard Skin Specialists
"The website looks FANTASTIC. Thanks to the iHealthSpot team for a beautiful job!" -- David Fein, MD, North Dallas Wellness Center
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