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Online Bill Pay

iHealthSpot Online Bill Pay for Medical Practices

iHealthSpot Bill Pay for Doctors: 2.75% on All Transactions and NO Other Fees! Fast and Easy to Set Up!

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The ability to pay bills online is a major customer convenience and a faster way to get payments into your account. It’s also being used by most Americans to pay for everything from mortgages to credit card bills. A 2011 survey of 1,000 American adults by Intuit Health found more than half would switch doctors if they had the opportunity to perform such tasks as paying bills online. 

Yet a recent poll showed that 79% of doctor’s offices still don't allow their patients to pay their bills online. Another statistic tells us that if the only method of payment is a check, the payee will wait 6 times longer to pay. Traditionally, online payment services have had lengthy, complicated applications, laborious setups, little customer support, and expensive costs and multiple fees associated with them.

Online Bill Pay

iHealthSpot Bill Pay, powered by PayPros, allows you to accept patient payments on your website easily and securely. Our online bill pay service for medical practices handles all the credit card processing, giving you the convenience of daily deposits into your existing account. The setup is fast and easy, fees are affordable and simplified, and you can begin accepting payments right from your website within 24-48 hours.

Features include:

  1. Customized payment form to match your website
  2. 100% secure and HIPAA and PCI compliant
  3. Recurring payments – set your patients up on recurring monthly payments
  4. Easy dashboard to process voids and refunds; process a card in the office if need be through a virtual terminal; and search for specific transactions by name, ID, last 4 of credit card # or patient account #
  5. Payment notifications and daily deposits into the bank account of your choice
  6. Payments deposited gross with monthly fees billed once at the end of the month
  7. Reports and dashboard for easy posting of payments to patient accounts
  8. A simple monthly statement with only one fee
  9. 24/7 customer support and full training on the interfaces

What are the costs? Just 2.75% and a single setup fee of $99!

In the case of online processing, most of the time fees are much higher because the card is not physically present and the banks see it as a much higher risk. Typically we see rates between 3-4%, plus a monthly gateway fee of up to $20 for processing and then a $.10, $.20 or $.30 transaction surcharge on each transaction. 

We wanted to provide an affordable service to our clients, so we negotiated a special flat rate of 2.75% on all transactions and a $99 set-up feeThis is the ONLY fee you will have

There are no card-not-present fees, no gateway fees, no bank fees, no transaction surcharges—no other fees whatsoever and your statement will be straightforward. You will also receive batches daily and be able to easily post transactions to patient accounts from reports provided by the system. It is literally as easy as 1-2-3!

How does it work?

Our bill pay coordinator gathers some simple information and sends you a link to an application. The coordinator can walk you through it or you can do it on your own. Approval is given upon submission of the form and a token is provided to us to set up the account on your website. We set it up, give you administrative access and you’re up and running! 

You are provided an easy-to-use dashboard where batches are settled and full reporting is available to post transactions to your billing system. There is also a virtual terminal to accept payments in the office and issue voids or refunds.

Customization and Security

iHealthSpot Bill Pay can also customize your payment form to accept and track each transaction by a patient account number or invoice number, and the system is secure, passing all standards as set forth for PCI. Learn more about our PCI compliance visit.

Strength through Partnership

PayPros is an industry-leading technology-focused payments company, providing unparalleled service and products to bridge the gap between information technology and payment services. An Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Private Company” since 2008, PayPros provides processing for more than 55,000 businesses and counting.

At a Glance: Important Facts about Our Bill Pay Service for Doctors

  • The system processes at the 2.75% rate for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We can also set up American Express but an account needs to be set up directly with them at their prevailing or your negotiated rate.
  • The form on the website is customized with a field for patient account number, reference number, or invoice number, depending on how you identify patients and post to their accounts. An example of the bill pay on a website can be found here:
  • Deposits are made daily into the bank account  designated by the client.
  • There is a $25 minimum for processing.
  • Business View Portal allows for voids, refunds, charges through a virtual terminal, reports, daily batches, and deposits, and it can even create an invoice.
  • Payments do not post automatically to a client’s accounting system. However, daily reports can be run that detail all transactions with patient information, account number, and payment amount for easy posting to their accounts.
  • The form on the website is customized with whatever language you want regarding the posting of payments. For example: “Payments will be credited to your account within 48 hours of receipt.”
  • Full training is provided on the Business View dashboard and receiving of payments.
  • Support is available from PayPros 24/7. You just identify yourself  as a client of iHealthSpot’s Bill Pay service.
  • Please read our press release, as it also provides details about our bill pay service for doctors:
  • We recommend adding a sentence to your statements: You may now pay your bill online, through our website at: If we control your domain, we can set up this vanity URL.
  • We provide countertop standees as part of the set-up to announce the service to your patients on request.

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“It was a dream working with the professional team at iHealthSpot. Procedurally they have everything down to a science. We were able to launch my client’s website ahead of schedule to rave reviews and site traffic results!“ -- Grace Carlson, APR Carlson Studio Marketing
“iHealthSpot was extremely creative and forward thinking when redesigning our website.... We receive great compliments from our patients and have increased traffic and use of our site due to the excellent visibility we have in search and how easy it is for patients to navigate our website.” -- Chris Bolduc, Bolduc Physical / Aquatic Therapy & Sports Medicine
“iHealthSpot has proven to be an excellent choice.... They listened to our needs and wants and worked closely with us to create a website that is engaging and user friendly. Their Responsive Design enables our patients to access the site, no matter where they are.... Patient traffic on our site has improved exponentially and continues to grow every day! “ -- Lani Clemens Family Practice Center P.C.
"Do you LOVE the web site? Because I do. I think it is awesome and I can't thank you enough for working so closely with me and being so patient. Fine job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Janet Bivens, MD, Kendrick Family Practice
“We have lots of compliments on the new website. Thanks for being a delight to work with." -- Leisle Chung, Vanguard Skin Specialists
"The website looks FANTASTIC. Thanks to the iHealthSpot team for a beautiful job!" -- David Fein, MD, North Dallas Wellness Center
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